Purchasing budget office chairs for your organisation can be a costly mistake. Your staff sit for up to eight hours a day, five days a week. Incorrect office chairs are becoming the single largest factor in causing harm to employees’ health and productivity in today’s office environments.

Choosing the correct chairs for your department or organisation is essential, so here are a few things to consider:

Firstly, everyone in the office needs to have a chair. So really, you should not look at the overall expense of the chair but rather the difference in cost between the budget chair and the correct ergonomic chair for your staff.

For example, if the inferior chair is $250 and the correct ergonomic chair is $450, it is just the difference of $200 that needs to be considered. It is then helpful to see that if you take that difference of $200 and divide it over the healthy lifespan of the chair (which should be at least 5 years), the cost difference is a mere $40 a year. This is less than the cost of one visit to the chiropractor, let alone personal pain, discomfort and ‘downtime’ for a worker.

$40 a year is $0.76 cents a week, or $0.15 cents a day. This means that you can have the right ergonomic chair for your staff for 15 cents a day! From a productivity point of view, a staff member only has to produce one minutes worth of work extra a day, to more than outweigh initial cost. It is long proven that when people feel better they work better, and a happy office environment is a powerful lever for any organisation. Furthermore, the superior chair will have a longer guarantee (and lifespan) than the inferior chair. So over time, it is almost always more cost effective to purchase the correct ergonomic chair in the first place.

Inadequately designed office chairs are leading to serious health implications for individuals and major costs to businesses annually in Australia. Sitting in a poorly designed office chair causes the spine to loose its equilibrium, making correct posture impossible. As a result, spinal muscles are forced to work harder in order to maintain balance. This significantly increases static muscle work. Over time, muscle fatigue may cause muscular discomfort and potential spasms.

At the same time, the healthy curve in the lower back flattens, which causes the lumbar discs to compress. Also, as only the outer rings of the disc have pain sensitive nerve endings, it is possible to be unaware of damage until it is well underway. If you continue to sit on an office chair with little or incorrect support, the risks of long-term health issues are greatly increased.

Corporate Chair Systems manufacturers Real™ Ergonomics corporate seating, making it possible to enjoy the positive benefits of the seated posture while safe-guarding your employees from the health impacts of back pain and Musculoskeletal Disorders. Real™ Ergonomics is a certification program that has been created to accurately define the suitability of ergonomic chairs to the application and environment.

We make a wide range of fully adjustable, preventative chairs to suit all shapes and sizes and we work with each Client to match the right chair to your workplace seating needs. View our extensive range of Ergonomic.

Poor posture is the underlying cause of many Musculoskeletal Disorders that are treated in Australian businesses every day. It’s why our services go beyond the installation of the right chairs for your project. We have ongoing resources for your organisation to ensure the benefits of purchasing the correct Ergonomic office chair will be enhanced by employees receiving posture awareness, training and support. Each of our chairs is backed by our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee removing all risk when you purchase chairs from us.

Watch our fascinating video showing what happens to the spine when sitting.

At Corporate Chair Systems, our capabilities are unique in the Australian market, providing a true end to end service for your business. We are passionate about creating high performance chairs that are functional in their purpose and creative in their design.
To find out more about how we can help match the right office chairs to your staff and organisational needs, please contact us.